De Zusjes

Ankie Rozeboom


Ankie, 32 years old, mother of Louise (3 years old). Ankie has a bachelor's degree in midwifery and a master's degree in public health. The health sector did not bring her full satisfaction, so she soon turned to the tourism field. Together with her father, she ran the companies SOIOS & MaVOL BV, active in Maastricht, for 5 years. They organized, among other things, tourist tours and the rental of a solar-powered tourist train. Ankie also ran a holiday home for 8 people in Teuven for a few years. A HORECA project has been growing for several years and the right idea has now fallen: a Brunchroom and Ice Cream Parlour.

Céline van den Boorn


Céline, 25 years old, Entrepreneurial Hotello. Céline loves to entertain and take care of people. This led her to study at the Hotel Management School Maastricht and to specialize in the event management industry. Soon Céline realized that she wanted to start her own business to give free rein to her creativity and to be able to do it completely "her own way". She has set up her own event company but misses the bit of horeca that she has always had a passion for.