Welcome to "Sisters" !

Brunchroom Zusjes (a.k.a. Sisters), as the name already reveals, wants to spoil its guests in this day business with a delicious brunch, but also breakfasts, lunch and tea time. And why "Sisters"? Well because we are 2 sisters. And because this playful name fits well with our greatest asset: child-friendliness.

We want to create a place that is open to families with a play area for the children. During our Brunch Sundays, supervision of children is provided so that parents/adults can fully enjoy their culinary experience. A spacious terrace with a view of the greenery increases the outdoor pleasure when the weather permits. Of course everyone is welcome at the "Sisters" and we have arranged our Brunchroom in such a way that people without children can also enjoy our kitchen and beautiful space!

Another important point for us is reducing our ecological footprint on earth. We therefore wish to work with local producers. In this way we participate in a sustainable trade, we offer quality products to our customers and finally we give our local producers a better visibility of their products.

During our search for the perfect place to receive our guests, we seized a golden opportunity. We decided to take over Ice cream parlor MêrSy and transform this place, located in Moelingen, along the river Berwien, into one beautiful whole.